Autigo is a leading provider of all kinds of solar and electrical products in the market. We provide a wide range of solar products to fulfill the requirements of everyone from home to offices. All our products are designed and constructed as per the needs of clients and their needs for different purposes.

Autigo aims to save our planet from harmful gases and water pollution by introducing nature-friendly solar products. All our products are easy to install, and the energy required for electricity production is derived directly from the sun. There is no harm to nature with Autigo Solar Products.

Solar energy is a renewable form of energy, and in the past few years, it has become a source of energy for more than 11 million households around the world. The cleanest form of energy with low-cost maintenance is available in different forms. Several countries are investing and contributing to installing solar panels for bulk solar power production. This is the only form of energy we can never run out of, and Autigo can help you switch to solar power-based products for your day-to-day living.

Autigo can help you find the best solar product for your home, garden, offices, and more. We have a wide range of products available for you. Check out our product section for more details.

All in One Solar Street Light
All in One Solar Street Light is a revolutionising compact lighting solution. This light works by using a solar voltage panel that automatically detects the presence and absence of sunlight.

Semi-Integrated Solar Street Light
Semi-Integrated Solar Street Light is an easy-to-install and low-cost solar appliance. This works with an integrated solar cell operated with a controller and battery.

Solar Flood Light
Solar Flood Lights are waterproof lights that use stored energy to power the lights at night. These lights are suitable for garages, sports fields, warehouses, terraces, and other open spaces.

Solar Fan
Solar Fans work with solar panels that transform solar energy into electrical energy. Solar panels are installed separately and operated using a remote.

Solar Road Safety
Solar Blinkers are installed at the intersections of the roads, highways, under construction sites, police barriers, crossings, etc. This helps in controlling traffic and signaling, and it works 24 hours.

Solar Garden Light
Solar Garden Lights are decorative lights operated by solar energy and are easy to install. These low-cost lights add beauty to your garden.